So I Won’t be Borrowing the Car in Germany Again Anytime Soon.

Honey I crashed the car.

This is the kind of thing you really hope won’t happen when you move abroad and attempt to drive on the other side of the road. Particularly in Germany, where on some roads there is no speed limit, and you literally feel like you’re dicing with death when all you really want to do is pop to the supermarket.

I was coming home two weeks ago from a nearby town when I had a head-on smash on a major road with a woman probably doing 100kmph (just a leisurely drive by German standards).  The force of the crash shunted our car backwards and into another two vehicles, leaving a somewhat chaotic trail of destruction.

I don’t remember the crash as I didn’t even see the other car coming. The last I remember I was preparing to turn left across the road and into another at a pretty hazardous junction (where I have heard accidents are pretty common). There had already been a car accident on the road I was about to turn down. Nothing serious, just a shunt up the backside, as the locals seem to love driving right up people’s backsides at high speed here, as much as us Brits like to moan about the weather.

I often wonder, why the hell are people in such a rush on the roads here? Particularly in Bavaria, where there really is nothing worth rushing too? It’s the first thing I noticed when I moved here. How crazy overly sensible, law-abiding Germans become once they get behind a wheel.  And that’s really saying something considering I lived in Malta for four years.  Where is everyone so keen to get too? Are there amazing parties  on every day near German autobahns  with free alcohol and sausages that us foreigners don’t know about?

From witness reports it sounds like our accident was actually my fault though, and that I turned across the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle that I somehow didn’t see.

One moment we were driving along without a care in the world, then, bam! The next thing I knew I woke up on the side of the road, with a load of strangers peering down at me, muttering sweet German. “Sie ist in shock!” one woman said.  I looked to the right, saw our smashed up car and another person sprawled out in the road, and I realised there had been a terrible accident.

We all got off extremely lightly considering. I believe the other driver broke both of her legs and is probably still in hospital. I broke three ribs and suffered a bruised lung and spent a week in hospital. My 15-month-old son was in the back and he was completely unharmed, by some kind of miracle. It makes me sick to think that things could have been a lot more serious and I really have been counting our lucky stars.

The poor little mite must have been so traumatised at the time, but mighty Max has been his completely normal, happy and boisterous self since. Which is a right bugger when you’ve got broken ribs. The car is a complete write- off, and we only had third party insurance, but the money means nothing when I feel totally lucky to still be here and to have my son. I just hope the other driver gets better soon.

In England there are speed cameras everywhere, particularly in Essex, the county where I’m from. Here in Bavaria you certainly don’t see as many.

About a week before the accident I was walking through our picture perfect Bavarian village, thinking of how safe it is. “The only danger here are the roads,” I thought to myself.

I think I’ll be sticking to the train for a while.


14 thoughts on “So I Won’t be Borrowing the Car in Germany Again Anytime Soon.

  1. Firstly, I am SO glad you are in one piece, as is your mini-babe. But I can attest to the crazy ways of the Germans behind a wheel. Fault or not, I’m sure it was by the hair of their chinny chin chin. I always think that they are trying to rush to the store to by more sugar to make their lovely cakes just in time for tea and coffee time at 3pm…or whenever that is. So sorry you went through this, but incredible happy that you all made it out relatively well. xoxoxo

    • Thank you! The main thing is everyone’s okay, it could have been a lot worse. And yes I wouldn’t be surprised if the speed has something to do with food, that food being cake.

  2. Ouch… that sounds (and looks) like a really nasty crash! Glad to hear everyone is okay-ish. Get well soon!!

  3. OMG, what a horrible experience! I’m glad everybody was (relatively) ok. Our local news website has a story about a serious or even fatal crash practically every day. Scary stuff! Get well soon!

  4. Ouch! This sounds and looks like quite a traumatic accident. I hope it doesn’t take too long for you to fully recover. Get well soon!!!!

  5. Wow, pretty awful. Glad that you and your wee one walked away from it unharmed, except for those ribs… pretty painful that. Concur with your impatient-on-your-tail drivers assessment. Although I’m no slouch, I find driving on the Bundesbahn pretty strressful as there’s nowhere to go when cars near at breakneck speeds. It seems roads and cars turn otherwise disciplined Germans into Hydes. Speedy recovery!

  6. Oof. So glad you & your little guy are okay.

  7. Oh I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this! I somehow missed it despite commenting on your hospital post. I’m so glad you both are ok. I got tears in my eyes as I read the part about him being fine in the backseat. I can’t imagine having my boy in the car, waking up surrounded by strangers and not knowing what happened. Hope you have fully recovered!

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