German Hospitals Rule – There is Beer!

As regular readers of my blog will know (all five of you), I recently spent a week in a German hospital following an unpleasant car crash.

This was actually my second week in a German hospital, having spent a week in the same one last year after having my baby there. (Yes, an entire week! No chucking you out after a few hours here!)

So I wasn’t that shocked to discover on my second stay that German hospitals are very different to English ones – i.e. they are nice.

Or should I say Bavarian hospitals. I have come in for some stick lately for referring to Bavaria as German. Tut tut!  How dare I confuse a German state as actually being part of Germany!

I even took a few pictures to back up my claims. Do all German hospitals look like this or is it a case of mega-rich Bavaria coming up trumps again? If so, I really undersand why the rest of Germany is so jealous hates this state. Take a look for yourself.

Spotlights and polished wooden floors? Ja Danke!

Wards with balconies overlooking the gardens? Naturlich!

Plenty of green space for patients to wander about in? In England this would have been turned into a money-making car park long ago!

An empty bed? Definitely not an English hospital then! Watch and weep, David Cameron.

Fancy artwork on the walls? This would never have made it on to the wall of an English hospital, for fear someone would use it to attack one of the staff then steal some morphine.

And a kitchen for patients with free tea, and use of a coffee machine. How lovely!

However, it was in this said kitchen that I also found someone’s secret stash of beer. Remember this is a Bavarian hospital, where prescriptions for beer are readily handed out. (Americans – that was a joke).

My only complaint of the German hospital was the food.

This was breakfast, and the same was ‘dished up’ for dinner.

Bavarians eat a lot, so I was surprised to find really meagre portions existing anywhere in Bavaria. So meagre in fact that when my little German couldn’t bring me food, I had to order take-away from the pizza place across the road. And I honestly don’t eat that much. That pizza man must make a killing from all of the hungry Bavarian patients! Especially the ones with the beer munchies! The most profitable businesses in Germany must be the restaurants close to hospitals! Open one if you can.

Finally, I couldn’t help but laugh at this poster for the hospital hairdresser that I spotted by the lifts.  It’s amazing what men can get for 29 Euros these days.


25 thoughts on “German Hospitals Rule – There is Beer!

  1. 29€?? That IS amazing! LOL. I’m afraid to ask about the medical procedure for 24€! Yikes. Hope you’re on the mend!

  2. I have never been in hospital in Germany, but that looks very posh! my guess is it’s funded by all the people with private health insurance.
    My boyfriend was recently in hospital in Frankfurt. i was England at the time and couldn’t visit him, so I have no idea what the furnishing were like, but from what he’s told me the doctors there had no time for any of the patients. And he spent most of the time lying around waiting because it was the weekend and no doctor was willing to examine him unless his condition got worse! Say what you like about the NHS, but I’m pretty sure their doctors actually work at the weekend!

    • I’d love to know what the hospitals look like in other parts of Germany…this one was very posh. It is in a posh area but I’m not sure if that would make a difference funding wise. I get your point about the weekend staff. This hospital was dead on the weekends, not much staff about. A recent study in England though showed that you’re more likely to die if you’re admitted to hospital at the weekend so it is a similar situation there too! At least here you would die in nice surroundings!

  3. Great post! I’ve only been to a hospital here in Germany once and it was a surreal experience. I had to go to the ER as we thought I had broken my foot. We basically just walked in and ended up in an OR looking type room with 2 nurses. The hospital was dead quiet and empty. I teased my boyfriend (husband now) that he could’ve been telling them anything as they all laughed and stared at me! 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes they’re so unchaotic here, or at least in my experience. Let’s hope you don’t end up there again. Which area was it in and was the standard the same as my one?

      • At that particular time it was a hospital in Bitburg because it was closest and late at night ( which is usually the busiest time in the states). I didn’t see the rest of the hospital, but it was very clean, quiet and they were very friendly. We all joked about me leaving with crutches.
        Oh and I love how you point out to say Bavaria and not Germany! LOL My husband is German and was so frustrated in the states because anything referenced as “German” was actually “Bavarian” according to him. 🙂

      • hehe, so you get what I mean then about the difference between Germans and Bavarians. I love it when non-Bavarian Germans (getting confusing now) obviously get a bit put-out by something I say about life here in Germany and are very quick to point out”but you live in Bavaria, it’s not the same….”

      • Oh yes….I really get it! My husband would definitely be one of those people to point it out! I think it’s funny…..and confusing. 🙂

  4.! My husband was in the hospital for over a month and this is like a castle compared to where he was. All the equipment looks like its from the 1960’s and the colors are puke green and moldy orange. Was TERRIBLE to go there. Glad you were some place nice and fancy schmancy!!! :-))) And hope you’re feeling better and on the mend!

  5. Hello! How nice to read another post from you 🙂 I hope you’re on the way to recovery! That hospital does look very nice. I was in a hospital here – Darmstadt – to visit a friend, and it was really nice too. It was really clean and it all looked in very good condition. The surroundings are not as nice, since its in middle of the city. I did notice all this pictures and painting on the wall, and I remember saying that in the UK this would be considered a health and safety issue 🙂 In any case I hope you don’t need to spend any more time in hospital any time soon. X

    • Thank you! I shouldn’t be heading back there anytime soon I hope. I think we consider too many things health and safety risks in the UK. Like when kids get sent home from school if it snows a tiny bit! Imagine if they did that here.Hope you’re doing well.x

  6. I have been lucky enough to avoid the German hospital experience thus far, but it certainly doesn’t seem too bad!

  7. Ha, I experienced pretty much what you described in your post at a hospital this past week in Western Germany (got out yesterday), everything, except for the beer 😉

    • I just had a read about your hospital experience, interesting! Shame you missed out on the beer there. Hope you’re well recovered. Beautiful blog too!

      • I’d be curious what ailment you’d have to have to get one of those beers. Sleeping-aid? 🙂

      • I saw a really typical Bavarian man sloping about the wards (big belly, unkempt, talks like a pirate) and I’m pretty sure the beer stash belonged to him.

      • Ha! I like that he is unkempt and talks like a pirate, that painted such a pretty visual. I think your neighbor was less entertaining than that of what I had. My new friend was one of those that just screams out peoples’ names all day long – “Sven, bist du’s? Günther, hallo Günther, bist du da!? Hallo. Hallo. Hallo, Sven!” It was so much fun for five days. I look forward so much to ever possibly going back. Sounds like you had a blast too!

      • Haha that’s hilarious. Did Sven or Gunther ever turn up?

      • Not while I was locked up in there. I think a beer would’ve done her good, or actually me cuz she might have piped down for a few. Maybe that’s why they keep em stocked in Bavaria – noise control! Haha

  8. Think your hospital was so posh cos it’s in Starnberg? That’s one of the “schickimicki” areas in Bavaria! Good selection of beer though!

    • The thought did enter my mind…although it’s not the rich people of Starnberg who finance it surely? I’m guessing all the money for hospitals in Germany comes from a central pot via the insurance companies. Would be interested to know, if anyone knows?

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