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I decided to start this blog to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of Bavaria and to provide some information on the area in English.  I am British and I moved to Bavaria in October 2011 after deciding life would be better in Germany for my then soon-to-be-born son. His dad is German – or should I say, Bavarian – so I was kind of familiar with the area through him. As a keen traveller we have been fortunate enough to see plenty of Bavaria and the surrounding areas. As new parents that can be a challenge, but we try!

Little did I know that Germany isn’t the forward-thinking country I expected it to be. Particularly in the state of Bavaria.

Although Bavaria is most definitely in Germany on any modern maps, its heart is only in one place – Bavaria. To call Bavarians German is a bit like calling the Scottish British. Just don’t go there.

Despite that, Bavaria is one of the most stunning parts of Europe and I am lucky to have experience a totally different way of life somewhere so pretty. But  I come from Essex in England and everywhere looks great compared to there.

I hope that by sharing my experiences, good and bad, more people will be inspired to come and have a look at Bavaria for themselves. Many people also dream of living abroad and I am often asked how you make the leap and what life is like once you do. As most ‘expats’ will tell you, it’s a mixture of pure pleasure and pain.

Thanks for visiting!

(A little update. After just over two years in Germany we have decided to move back to England – for various reasons which will be shared on this blog when I have time to update! Until then I still have plenty to write about and add as a Brit in Bavaria to this blog, as I still have so many things to share about life in Bavaria. Plus we still have lots of ties there (as in relatives, friends etc, not the ties you wear) so will be back from time to time. So keep reading and I’ll keep you posted 🙂 ).


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